Frankenstein (book review)

Our story begins with Victor Frankenstein, a curious young man who yearns to learn the secrets of life and the cosmos. In his younger years, he read the books of ancients like Cornelius Agrippa and Paracelsus, learning what people believed of life in an earlier time. At his father’s urging Frankenstein leaves for university, where he learns of newer ideas in philosophy and chemistry. He gets an idea for a wonderful creation, which he spends several years building. A monster is born. Victor Frankenstein is terrified and lets the monster escape into the world setting off a series of unfortunate events. This book has themes of horror and pain as well love and joy in the beginning. Follow along with an outcast creature, who yearns for love and care, a brilliant young man, who slowly loses his mind, and a wild, horror story is spun. Reading this classic will give you a new perspective on monsters, the human mind and so much more!!

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