How to Create a DIY Cardboard Tombstone

Ready in 15 minutes


  • cereal box
  • scissors
  • old newspapers
  • tape
  • 3 or 4 pieces of colored paper
  • colored pens or pencils


    1. Begin by opening one side of the flaps of your box. Choose one side to cut down about 2-3 inches. Fold these new flaps into the box.
    2. Next cut a half-circle shape connecting the points of where you have previously cut. Do this to both sides. You should be able to see your gravestone shape now.
    3. Fill the box with newspaper so it will hold it’s shape properly.
    4. Then, you will tape the two side flaps down. The shape of this does not matter because you will be covering it up later.
    5. Using the box as a “ruler” you will make sure your colored paper is the right size and fold it around your box. It is okay if it doesn’t fit perfectly to your gravestone shape because you will be cutting it down to the right size. You may have to use more than one for this.
    6. Do NOT tape your paper down, yet,
    7. Instead, you will fold your paper over the top of your gravestone to make the curved shape. You will have to cut this very carefully so it covers the top and doesn’t overhang anymore than you would like it to.
    8. Cut it to the right size.
    9. Tape this down before continuing.
    10. Tape your other folded pieces onto the gravestone and decorate your end result however you would like!



If you would like to, use a pencil to draw the shape you are going to cut out to make the line neater before cutting it out.

Also, it is suggested that you use double- sided tape (if you have it) because it makes things a lot easier to press together.

Pens or sharpies work best at decorating on black paper. It is always good to sketch what you want to write out before doing it!