Klaus (movie review)

Klaus is a heart-wrenching movie about the story of giving gifts. It begins with a pompous kid, whose father is the head of the mail service. As punishment for being so lazy, Jesper is sent off to set up a post office…but not exactly in the nicest town. In fact, in Smeerensburg, two families, Ellingboe and Krum, have such a deep rivalry they are ready to get rid of the other family in whatever way possible…And unfortunately for Jesper, they hate mailmen. But it turns out not everyone is happy with the way things are going in the town. One day on his mail collection walk, Jesper finds his first piece of mail…a drawing of a sad little boy. When he heads to the other side of the island, he drops it in a hurry to escape a huge man…But is he really a bad person? The man comes back with a gift for the child! Soon more and more children are begging for gifts from the mysterious Klaus. What will this one act of kindness do to the world? Who will it touch and change forever?