Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (movie review)

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is a creative, comedic, but heart-wrenching story that spreads a truly important message about community, love and kindness. This “mockumentary” follows the story of Marcel, a shell who lives in a house with his community: his family, friends and neighbors. Until one day, the couple who owned the house breakup, his entire family, except for his grandmother, are displaced and the house becomes an Airbnb. Overtime, they learn to adapt, until an aspiring filmmaker, Dean, comes to stay for a while, while looking for a permanent house. Together, with Dean recording Marcel going about his everyday life, they create a YouTube following with the hope that Marcel might be able to find his family again. This beautifully made animation and live-action film highlights so many important themes in a sweet and sad, but comedic way. This film is perfect for all ages because the message it spreads is for everyone!