DiversifyHER (podcast review)

We interviewed Raven Heyward for our 16th edition about leadership and women of color. To her, we specifically spoke about leadership and DEI in the corporate world, something she even has a podcast about! Raven Heyward discovered her interest in business through the AP Capstone Program at Enloe High School where she researched how DEI policies were affected in the business world. She was inspired to start the podcast, DiversifyHER, where she speaks with DEI leaders about representation for women of color. She created it to “facilitate open dialogue by educating herself and others about DEI” and to “provide exposure for young girls, develop mentorship opportunities, and brainstorm solutions to further increase equity for this demographic of society.” Raven told us that she loves how DiversifyHER allows her to meet people that are her age and hear about their personal experiences. The most important thing she learned from her podcast is the importance of patience in the corporate world. She understands that a lot of the executives have been in their field for 10+ years and the change is happening slowly. Raven realizes this work is forever changing but will never stop being crucial.

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