In Defense of Food (book review)

Michael Pollan is an amazing food writer. All of his books dive deeper into food, its connections to use and changing or broadening our views on what we eat. In Defense of Food certainly broadens views about food by focusing on how there is more to food than just the nutrients scientists tell us are healthy for us and individual food-like items that are supposedly better than other versions of the same highly processed food-like item. This book dives deeper into food, cuisine, culture and how all these things influence our health, particularly with the rise of food science and nutritionism. Something isn’t just healthy because it has unsaturated fats, it’s healthy because of how, why and how much of it that we eat. Michael Pollan’s three suggestions: eat food, not too much, mostly plants, are suggestions we can all find ways to fit into our meals. Check out In Defense of Food to get a new and healthier outlook on food and meals!