Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain (movie review)

Roadrunner is able to show the side of Anthony Bourdain that many never knew. To the many who just saw him on TV, he was the guy who ate ‘exotic’ foods in foreign countries. But this documentary reveals that Bourdain had so much more going on around him. The documentary talks about the life of Anthony Bourdain from his days as a dishwasher to from his days on the popular CNN show, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. But more than just his life, Roadrunner captures Bourain’s feelings on life. “He believed life was romantic and he was never going to live up to it.” said the documentary. Through video clips, interviews, and pictures we get a taste of Bourdain’s personality. “His whole personality was a searcher and that left him in agony.” explains the documentary. But most of all, the documentary portrays the good, bad, and ugly in Bourdain’s life. From his experience of being a dad, to his marriages and divorces, all the way up until his death we realize the essence of Bourdain. We get a taste of the legacy he left behind but also the pain that his death brought so many people. Bourdain leaves us with this, “I used to think the dinner table was leveled, but in the real world, good and bad were crushed.”