A Series of Unfortunate Events (movie review)

This movie is quite good. The acting is pretty nice with the smart and thoughtful Violet being played by Emily Browning, smart Claus played by Liam Aiken, funny and sassy Sunny played by Shelby Hoffman, and of course the evil Count Olaf played by well-known Jim Carrey. A Series of Unfortunate Events is about the Baudelaire orphans whose parents perish in a terrible fire. They receive a huge fortune however cannot use it until Violet, the oldest Baudelaire orphan, comes of age. So, they go to their first caretaker’s house who is actually the evil Count Olaf and wants to steal their fortune. Throughout the movie, the Baudelaire orphans stay with many different relatives to try to escape Count Olaf but the question is, will it work? Watch the movie to find out!