The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music (book review)

One strange man and teacher changed Victor L. Wooten, a Grammy Award-winning musician and bassist, life. And Wooten’s book will change your ideas of learning, thinking and most importantly Music. He goes through the elements of Music, which coincide with life in so many ways. He begins his book by warning that “everything in this book may be all wrong. But, if so, it’s all right!” Wooten is foreshadowing a major theme of the book: nothing in Music is “wrong” because we have made it up and therefore it can neither be right nor wrong. As he goes through the chapters, we see how much Music is mistaken or so Michael, Wooten’s strange, slightly eccentric teacher (and his many acquaintances) think. Music is a language of its own. When we are speaking English (or whatever language you speak) we don’t focus intently on everything we will say and the same should be said about Music. Even if you don’t sing or practice an instrument, Michael and Wooten’s story will give you insight to life and much, much more.