Educated (book review)

Tara Westover had a unique and contrasting childhood living on a farm on the mountains of Idaho. Every day she and her family would prepare for the catastrophe of the end of the world. She brewed herbs for her mother and salvaged her father’s junkyard to be ready for the very important day. Her father, a radical-survivalist Mormon, did not believe in hospitals or schools or just about anything government related. So, when Tara first decided to go to university she was constantly second-guessing herself and learned many horrible things about the world, such as the Holocaust, that had no prior relevance to her. These things cause a rift between her family and Tara, but she learned many things along the way that brought out a whole new world to her. This is a book of perspective and coming-of-age that will help you understand the crazy side of the world a little more. Enjoy following Tara on her journey!